Body Corporate covers many aspects of maintaining the look of the common areas and surrounding landscape to ensure the beauty of the community is maintained.

Upkeep of the facilities such as the pool and BBQ as well as the relaxation and seating areas are also included in the Body Corporate and maintained by the onsite manager. This helps keep the community looking in pristine condition as was originally intended.

All the benefits of Body Corporate result in homes with very low maintenance and less for you to worry about with more time to enjoy with friends and family.



The fees collected also include a sinking fund which is required to return homes to their original condition, retaining long term appearance and value.

They also cover structural building insurances to give you additional peace of mind.


Enjoy increased security and safety at Vue due to having an onsite manager for both surveillance and maintenance with a gated community that requires secure access.

The onsite manager is a resident owner with a business reliant on the quality of the complex. It’s in their best interest to keep the community in optimum condition as well as attracting the highest calibre of tenants to keep the value of the community intact.

As an investor, you can be assured you will get the highest quality tenant screened by a qualified resident manager.

“Joy and I were drawn to the architectural style of the house, we really love the outdoor patio and the open plan living room.”

“Not only are we close to Robina Town Centre, but also the Easy-T Centre nearby has a wonderful selection of restaurants and cafes, and even a gluten-free fish and chip shop that my wife loves.”

Andy and Joy Maher