With its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and beautiful weather, it’s easy to see why a move to the Gold Coast is attractive.

My wife and I relocated from London to Sydney in 2017. After two years working and loving life in the Harbour City, we decided the time was right for a change.

It was not only for a change of scenery. A move away would allow us to live more efficiently and save some of our hard-earned money.

We love socialising with friends, eating meals out, going to watch live music and maybe indulging in the odd happy hour drink or two. We knew we had to be somewhere where we could embrace life.

All we needed was somewhere affordable, picturesque and with a booming economy for work. Is that so much to ask?

Since we arrived in the Gold Coast, we have discovered that clearly it is not!

Exploring our Gold Coast surroundings

A month after our Gold Coast move, we have already explored the landscapes and waterways of Varsity Lakes and Robina. Of course, we have checked out the lively spots in nearby Burleigh and Miami.

We have ventured to see the cascading views from Mount Tambourine, visited friends in Byron Bay and spent an evening enjoying the bright lights of Brisvegas.

To top it all off, at the end of the day, we returned home to watch the sun setting while soaking in a serene water views from our back garden.

That’s when it hits you. The Gold Coast really does have everything.  The peace and tranquility, the picturesque surroundings, the rugged coastline, the outdoor lifestyle, the cultural stimulation, the carnival atmosphere and the easy access to even more adventures.

The best thing is we live in the core of it all. Our home in Varsity Lakes is nestled between spectacular Burleigh Heads Beach and Robina Town Centre. The thriving community hub has all of the shopping and retail outlets we could ever wish for.

In less than 10 minutes, we can get to Varsity Lakes train station and the M1, which connects us with towns and cities up and down the coast. When friends visit from Sydney, we can drive 20 minutes to the airport and welcome them to our new home.

An even brighter future

It is not just about the now. The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s fastest growing centres and Robina/Varsity Lakes is growing even faster.

The 2017 Robina/Varsity Economic Futures report estimated that, by 2050, Robina/Varsity Lakes’ population will more than double and its economy is will treble. Positioned between the mountains and the ocean, Robina/Varsity Lakes is set to become the Gold Coast’s beating heart.

The area is getting ahead of the curve to accommodate that growth. More than $1 billion of new commercial, residential and infrastructure projects are underway or in the pipeline in CBDRobina.

Then there is Robina City Parklands. The ongoing $15m project is set to be one of the most attractive and diverse urban green spaces in the world. Our very own ‘Central Park’ will be complete with performance stages and sporting facilities.

From agricultural farmland to this truly unique city centre in the space of 40 years. To think how Robina/Varsity Lakes has bloomed through Robina Group’s visionary masterplan is staggering.

With its innovative developments, breathtaking scenery and community feel, Robina/Varsity Lakes will not be a hidden gem for long.