Smashing construction milestones

Construction of the first two stages of Robina Group’s Vue Terrace Homes is now complete with residents now living in their brand new homes and enjoying the resort facilities.  Stage three construction is in full swing with home frames going up thanks to over two hundred Hutchinson Builders workers on site.  The first stages of construction for stage four commenced just a few weeks behind stage three and is progressing quickly.  Stage four homes are currently forecast to be ready to welcome residents by mid 2020, completing the project.

The number of workers on site will steadily increase over the coming months as home frames continue to go up in both stage three and four.  Once the home frames are in place, exterior structure and finishes are swiftly put in place, followed closely by interior detail requiring builders, tilers, cabinet makers, landscapers and other sub-contractors.  The Vue Terrace Homes project continues to create hundreds of jobs for local workers, all overseen by Hutchinson Builders.

The Hutchinson team have created a temporary viewing platform on the edge of stage four so that visitors to the site are able to walk up and see what the views will be like from Stage four perimeter homes.  Enjoying panoramic views across Robina City Parklands to the Gold Coast skyline beyond, perimeter homes in stage four will occupy the best position within the community. There are now only a handful of these homes remaining for sale, if you would like to visit the viewing platform and inspect a furnished display, please get in touch to arrange a time by clicking here.

Rental demand high

With settlement of the first two stages of Vue Terrace Homes came the first opportunity to test out strong the rental demand for terrace homes was in Robina and how well brand new homes at Vue would rent.  Many purchasers of course chose to live in their new homes themselves but those who purchased a home as an investment property put their homes up for rent through Vue’s Resident Managers Sam and Jess Burke, who carefully vetted potential tenants to find people who would fit well into the community.

The outcome has been outstanding with all available homes in the first two stages rented out in a matter of weeks.  With the vacancy rate now sitting at zero a waiting list for new properties is being managed by Sam and Jess, ensuring the next investors to settle have pre-approved tenants ready to go.

As Resident Managers, Sam and Jess have been a massive attribute to the Vue community, bringing energy and enthusiasm to the rental process and keeping owners and tenants happy and the facilities and grounds maintained.  They are also enjoying their own new lifestyle at Vue, making the most of restaurants, shopping and beaches close by.

Major parkland upgrade underway next door

The northern edge of Vue Terrace Homes adjoins the Gold Coast City Council owned Robina City Parklands which has just commenced a $15million dollar transformation into a ‘Central Park’ style attraction.  Vue residents will have direct access into the 17 hectare parklands via a gated stairwell, deriving immense lifestyle benefits from this major upgrade.

The parkland masterplan shows a massive range of facilities for all ages to enjoy including:

  • An interactive water play area.
  • An off-leash dog area.
  • A kiosk and cafe capable of supporting major events
  • A village green, which can cater for 7000 spectators during major events
  • Yoga lawns and sports fields.
  • A giant adventure playgrounds
  • A series of interactive nature-inspired activities for children

Click here to read more about the parklands and view the masterplan.

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