When Robina Group want to furnish or update the look of one of our Vue Terrace Home displays we call in an expert eye to ensure our homes are elevated to their full potential in terms of presentation, quality and style.

Jess from Design Eleven Co has overseen the interior design and styling of Vue’s display homes so we asked her to share her best tips on transforming living spaces into sanctuaries we can all see ourselves living in.

When styling a bedroom, what should we consider?

Go Zen, adding intimacy to the space will promote winding down for the day. The bed is the centre piece of the room and should be lovingly styled to evoke the feeling of calm and relaxation. We are all busy and consumed with appointments, work, smartphones and the list continues. The bedroom is your very own haven, away from all the noise and energy that our dai

ly lives encounter. With Vue Terrace homes displays, we layered the beds with varied textures and used a cool colour palette to create a sense of bliss and a feeling of holidays.

You could use multiple colours or just stick to two as long as your bed is authentic to your own style and a reflection of you, stack you favourite books by your bedside and a cherished collected piece that warms your heart. Absolutely recommend using warm globes in the bedside lamps, the last thing we need is stark, white light in the bedroom after staring at our screens all day. Natural elements like timbers, pottery and flowers can help promote grounding.  Lastly, your bedroom should be inviting, cosy and warming to you. So at least, we can pretend life is smooth sailing and under control!

Our kitchens can get cluttered and messy very quickly, do you have any advice on how to keep this space always looking picture ready for drop in visitors or sale of your home?

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes. It is where we start the day with family conversations, and that first hot coffee. Evenings are filled with cooking aromas from dinner in the oven, our loved ones, discussions on the daily events, kids stealing snacks from the pantry right before dinner (well that’s my kids) and continuous crumbs on the floor. It’s a busy space, a work space, but it’s also a special space where everyone comes together. So, it is vital to feel organised by cleaning as you go. By using glass jars to store all your grocery items, so you can see what is inside.

Clear out your fridge weekly before the next shop. Fill your shelves with special pieces you love. Mixing up dinner ware with collected, varied eras of designs creates a warm homely vibe.

There is a distinct difference between organised and clinical. I like to stay away from the latter at my home. For sale purposes always keep the bench tops clear with only a couple of beautiful key statement pieces, maybe a stunning recipe book and a floral or citrus scented, natural candle. A vase of fresh florals or a plant will go a long way too.  Remember kitchens play a huge part in selling homes. Allow the inspector to imagine their own style.

What are your suggestions for styling bathrooms?

By thoughtfully styling your bathroom you can create an enticing, fresh space. Inviting and enriched vibes encourage long lasting soaks. Why not place reeds or a natural candle in the room, when you inhale a fresh scent will grace your sensors. By adding a tray on your basin to place together all your bath salts, soaps, perfumes, moisturisers and whatever your life’s luxuries, they will be easily accessed for your luminous skin after your soak and look organised.

For homes for sale, it is important so as to never feel cramped, as bathrooms can generally be small spaces. Be clever by creating the illusion of space by stowing away any loose items in beautiful baskets, add a small timber stool next to bath with a beautiful scented soap in a dish, a hanging plant adds fresh oxygen without taking up important bench space. Layer your towels and keep it sparkling clean. (Harder said than done with kids, I know!) Good luck!

A home is a cherished place where you feel secure and free. It is the feelings – good and bad, the smell of fresh blooms, the sound of kids playing, home cooking and “real life

” moments. It can be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle, and if you fill it with those treasures, loved pieces and magic memories, then you, friend, have made yourself a beautifully styled home. The house is merely the frame work you protect yourself with from the earths elements, like wind and rain. We can all have a dream home whether is it a small shack or a mansion.

A house for sale – should still look like a home – a haven, a place of comfort to relax and unwind with family and friends, remember your buyer is looking for a house to be someone’s home!  Keeping in mind, by minimalizing clutter and getting your home professional styled, you can increase the chance of buyers visualising their own style and living in the space.

Styling with insight will lead to more interest and is proven to significantly increase your sale price.

Jess Ball x

Design Eleven Co. specialise in Property & photographic styling and interior design.

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