It’s widely understood that regular exercise is linked to better physical and mental health but extensive research has also shown that living near green spaces and parks has positive impacts on our health, with a wide range of health benefits reflected in the evidence.

With our lives becoming increasingly busy and stressful, the pursuit of health and happiness becomes ever more important and where we live and the spaces we spend time has a massive impact on achieving this pursuit.

British researchers collated and reviewed 143 studies from over 20 countries to assess the impact of living near green spaces on human health.

They found that people living near parks and green space were overwhelmingly happier and healthier, enjoying numerous and significant health benefits, such as lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, as well as premature birth and death.

Lead author of the study, Caoimhe Twohig-Bennett, said people living near green space enjoyed longer and more quality sleep, less stress and general good health.

“One of the really interesting things we found is that exposure to greenspace significantly reduces people’s levels of salivary cortisol — a physiological marker of stress,” Mr Twohig-Bennett said.

Further studies by Harvard University found that living near green space may help you to live longer, as access to parklands close to home increased the chance of exercising outdoors and therefore, reduced risk of cancer and respiratory illnesses.

Studies in Health and Place journal concurred with the physical health benefits of living near parklands, including lower BMI, but also found there were many mental health benefits too. The more time people spent in green spaces, the higher they scored on mental health and vitality assessments.

Whether seeking a tree-change, planning a move or looking to purchase your first home, it’s worth considering the evidence and positioning yourself close by to green space and parklands – it may just make for a healthier you.

Robina Group’s exceptional new gated community, Vue Terrace Homes, is uniquely placed with a parkland backdrop and allows all Vue residents exclusive direct access this life-changing, health-inducing green space.

Touted for a multi-million upgrade, the 17 hectare Robina City parklands will be transformed into the green heart or ‘Central Park’ of Gold Coast City, with features including:

  • A village green & performance stage for concerts
  • A picnic lawn and two adventure playgrounds
  • Multiple fishing areas around the edge of the parkland
  • Kayak launches into Mudgeeraba Creek
  • Recreation walking trails with rest areas
  • A multi-use structure with a cafe and community facilities
  • Sports fields and expansive landscaped public green space

From your brand new terrace home at Vue, wander from the rear gate to your own green wonderland, a haven for outdoor exercise and recreation such as walking, yoga, gardening, fishing and kayaking, as well as a community hub for enjoying shared sports, picnics and play.

Live longer, live better – discover health and happiness at Vue Terrace Homes. Enjoy public green space and extensive parklands as your own backyard at Vue.

Discover Vue for yourself by visiting our sales and display centre, with landscape gallery and viewing deck, open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm.

Book a tour with our sales team and experience how good the greenspace is for your headspace.