Plans to establish an expansive keynote parkland in Robina, reflective of New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park, have just been unveiled.  Gold Coast City Council have just released a detailed masterplan which will transform the existing Robina City Parklands into ‘Green Heart’ – a destination city park, right here in the heart of our city.

The $10Million stage 1 Green Heart masterplan includes multiple fishing platforms, walking trails, playgrounds and event stages, all integrated with waterways and native trees.  25,000 native trees have already been planted in Robina City Parklands, by Gold Coast City Council’s Natural Areas Management Unit and teams of resident volunteers as part of Council’s community tree planting initiative.

Plans are to commence development of the parkland facilities ahead of the light rail transport system which is planned to make it’s way to Robina and connect major local infrastructure such as Cbus Super Stadium, Robina Town Centre and Bond University.

Future stages of the Green Heart parkland project will extend north into neighbouring land already owned by Gold Coast City Council, eventually reaching Metricon Stadium and creating a vast central green space covering an area of more than 250 hectares.  These land holdings sit at the heart of a Council owned parkland and green space matrix, spanning an enormous 2,929 hectares.

All of the most liveable cities in the world include large-scale, central parks for residents and visitors to enjoy and which are attractions in their own right.  Open green space in urban environments vastly improves the lifestyle quality of residents.  Destination parks also attract regular events and visitors, which has positive flow-on effects for commerce and the economy of surrounding areas.

The environmental benefits of expansive parklands are also significant, with natural environments and native flora and fauna being fostered and preserved.

The announcement of the Green Heart parklands development is great news for future residents of Vue Terrace Homes.  The parklands are immediately adjacent to the community, which is currently under construction.

The existing Robina City Parklands are already an amazing and revitalising place to spend time but the Green Heart plans will see them evolve into a world-class park destination, which Vue residents will have direct access into.

Division 11 Councillor Hermann Vorster was out yesterday at Robina Town Centre asking local Robina residents what they thought of the masterplan and the feedback was resoundingly positive, with most people agreeing that the more green space we can include in our local community the better.

Spending time outdoors in a natural environment has been shown to have many health benefits including stress relief and mood elevation and, because we tend to be more active when we are in the great outdoors, improvements are often made to our physical fitness and wellbeing.

On behalf of all Robina and Gold Coast residents, we applaud Gold Coast City Council for placing a high value on community green space and for activating such an amazing project.  Green Heart will be a world-class attribute for our amazing city to once again set it apart on a global scale.