Construction activity on the Vue Terrace Homes site is now in full swing.  Hutchinson Builders, is undertaking construction of the $170 million Robina Group project, and have set up a major onsite workforce of over 200 staff.

Vue Terrace Homes is one of the largest projects ever undertaken by Robina Group and the project has been a labour of love for Robina’s founder and master developer.  Robina Group’s most senior team members have been working on the Vue project for over three years, with the aim of delivering a truly unique project on one of the best remaining sites in Robina.

Surrounded by expansive parklands and city-scale infrastructure, it is exciting to see Vue Terrace Homes starting to come out of the ground and imagine the enviable lifestyle future residents will enjoy.

Current Status Snapshot

  • All Approvals are in place and the civil works, which have been undertaken by Shadforths, are nearing completion
  • Stage 1 Building Work has commenced, being undertaken by Hutchinsons Builders, who are one of the largest private construction companies in Australia

Podium Construction

The podium construction is well underway with 25 metre high piling rigs working onsite to dig and pour concrete for the hundreds of concrete piles required for the 6 hectare podium.  These piles will be embedded up to 20 metres into the ground, secured into bedrock to create a sound and stable foundation.

Over the coming weeks more than 55 truckloads of formwork will be delivered to the site, which will form the base of the suspended slab.

The completed podium will be an elevated concrete slab, supported by the piles embedded into rock, on which the homes will be built.  The completed community will appear as a typical gated community both inside and out but the residents will have the benefit of elevation, commanding views across Robina City Parklands from the central pool and barbeque area and many perimeter homes.

Vue Terrace Homes Key Facts

Podium Size – 56,000m² or 5.6 hectares

Total concrete to be poured – 20,000 cubic metres – equivalent to a 120 level high rise

Typical podium thickness – 350mm under roads, 270mm under houses

Projected Number of Staff – over 2,000 across the duration of the project, peaking at around 300 on site

Number of Different Trades – 45-50 trades from glaziers to landscapers

Total number of windows – over 2,000

No of Columns holding up the podium – 912 (see photo above)

Find out More

Visit the onsite sales team at the Sales & Display Centre open daily at East Lane, Robina or contact us.