It’s safe to say that we have all been annoyed by slow internet at some point in our lives. Our time is precious and this kind of setback can lead to frustration and stress, something we can all do without.

The good news is Vue Terrace Home buyers will to be able to experience all the benefits of fast broadband in their brand new NBN Broadband ready homes.

Benefits such as:

·         improved opportunities to work from home including the capacity for reliable video conferencing

·         better access to online education and health tools

·         more options for on-demand entertainment

·         more time to spend with your family on non-screen based activities due to increased efficiency when you are online

With Australians expected to spend an extra 22 days more on the internet this year than they did in 2014, it is certainly exciting news for Vue Terrace Home buyers in Robina.

Family members will be able to use the internet at the same time, using multiple devices and all enjoy fast speeds.

The NBN fibre-ready connectivity at Vue Terrace Homes is just one of many wonderful benefits enjoyed by residents in Robina’s new developments, which include VUE Terrace Homes, Bohème Apartments and Botanique Terrace Homes. An important feature considering how much the internet has become part of our everyday lives.

The digital age allows us access to fast and reliable information, and digital online multi-tasking is the new normal, with super-fast broadband becoming more vital than ever. This future-proof technology is right at home in a growth precinct such as Robina, which has all the key location amenities of business, health, education, retail, entertainment and leisure.

It will be very exciting for the community of Vue Terrace Homes to have access to this forward-thinking technology, which will provide faster internet service for users at home.

Residents should note that when moving into their new home they need to contact their service provider directly to discuss relevant plans and pricing to suits their own needs.

If you want to know more about Robina’s Vue Terrace Homes, we encourage you to call the sales centre on 07 55 821 888 or visit the display open daily 10.00am – 5.00pm, corner of Glenside and Cheltenham Drive, Robina.